Burns are required in some situations but not in others. While continuous burn on a singleprotocol is convenient duringthe early stages,it means that the burn cannot be restricted ormanaged in any way. Controlled burns encouraged as a resultof team achievements help tokeep thecommunity informed andreceptive to freshknowledge. In addition, the Marsinuwillsupervise the burn,which will be overseen by a team of scientists. Professionals willstriveto preserve and enhance a healthy balancein order to assist the general publicandensure theirwell-being.

Other feasible methodsinclude marketing and monitoring the conditions and proportions ofthe automatic burn. Marsinu's innovative and modern approach aims to adopt a long-termburn plan that is both beneficial and enjoyable for those thatengage. Aside from that,manualburns are useful for rewarding and training members of the community. Theconditions of manual burning, as well as the amount of manual burning, are made publicand regularly monitored. Following each transaction, Marsinu's Tokens will be burnedindefinitely. The entire number of coins destroyedis posted on the readouton our website,providing greatertransparency in estimating the current circulating supply at anyone time.

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