๐ŸฅƒLiquidity Pool

Marsinu offers its consumers to earn more through its 100%locked liquidity. Liquidity islocked by transferring ownership of liquiditypool (LP) tokens to a time-lock smart contractfor a set lengthof time. Thisgives investors trustthat the tokendevelopers will not steal theliquidity funds. If liquidity is made available, token developers can engage in what isdubbed "rugpull." Once investors begin purchasing tokens from the exchange, the liquiditypool will gradually acquire more coins of known worth. This is because investors areessentially sending these valuetokens to the exchange in order to obtain thenew token.Developers can remove this liquidity from the exchange, cash in the entire value,and flee.Liquidityis locked by transferring ownership of liquidity pool (LP) tokens to a time-locksmartcontract for a set lengthof time. Developers cannot recover liquidity pool fundsunlessthey hold LP tokens. This gives investors trust that the token developers will not stealthe liquidity funds. It is now a common practise that all token producers adhere to, and thisis what truly distinguishes a fraudulent currency from a genuineone.

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