Marsinu is based on the Binance Smart Chain chain, which operates on the BEP20 networkand takes the needs of the community and investors into account. This is a decentralisedplatform that aspires to provide such tokens that are of high enough quality to be used ineveryday life. People will be able to trade their assets through the trusted partners ofMarsinu and exchange on the other side with the help of Automicliquidity thanks to theplatformof Marsinu. Throughthe use of staking, it allows the populace to earm more whilealso making swapping through Marsinu a simple process.a symbol havingintrinsic worth andstrength that derives from within the community To achieve this, Marsinu is developinghyper-deflationary functionality and automaticstaking to reward MARSINU holders,whilealso enablingmany real-world use cases to positionMARSINU as a leader in the transitionfrom fiat to cryptocurrency.

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